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Let's face it. Getting hired as a Management Consultant isn't easy. You may have a killer CV but what about the interview and case study? Don't be one of those candidates that wonders "where did I go wrong?". Not only will this FREE guide show you what to look for, it will also help you be a better consultant once you land that dream role.


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Securing that lucrative Management Consultant job of your dreams is probably easier than you think

  •  Dreaming of a well-paid role as a Management Consultant?
  •  Struggling to secure interviews?
  •  Unable to rise above the competition for the world’s best Management Consultant roles?
  •  Looking for help from someone who knows what it takes to succeed as a Management Consultant for the world’s best consultancy firms?

The solution to the obstacles in your way is right here — and it won’t cost you a penny.

The free How to Get Hired guide is packed with tips and expert advice designed to give you a competitive edge in the job market. Created by successful Management Consultant and ConsultingHQ Chief Instructor - Theodore, this comprehensive guide will show you where you’re going wrong — and what to do about it.

Packed with actionable advice based on Theodore’s extensive experience, the How to Get Hired guide covers everything from preparing your CV to nailing your final interview. The journey to your dream role as a Marketing Consultant starts right here! Download the How to Get Hired guide today, and take the first step towards the career you’ve always dreamed of.


Meet Theodore.

Theodore is a Chief instructor at ConsultingHQ, a global academy that helps thousands of students around the world meet their career goals in Management Consulting, corporate business and IT.

Theodore has worked with several of the world's top Management Consulting firms and has led large business strategy and IT projects and sat through hundreds of case studies.

Theodore regularly creates new courses to help students of all ages meet their goals in these dynamic industries.